Everything you
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A few words

Planet Finance is a growing DeFi ecosystem with the best DeFi apps all in one place, at the apex of high yields and low risk. We have the highest yields because we automatically compound your interest plus we reward you using our platform via AQUA tokens. 

We offer lower risk by diversifying the DeFi apps we pull yields from, and we only add top-quality projects. AQUA is the driving force governing Planet Finance, and will continually burn after it is fully distributed making it a deflationary cryptocurrency.

But this is just the start, within the first four months of building we have completed three aggregating planets, our own AMM, swap, and transform token function. We will shortly be adding our lending protocol and the new GAMMA utility token that will initially be airdropped to all AQUA holders.  

1. Interplanetary Starmap

"Where we're going, we don't need roads."
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Blue Planet Launch

Blue Planet is all about stable coins with high yields. We find the safest and highest yielding stable coin vaults and then auto-compound the yield ensuring that users get the highest Annual Profit Yields (APY) around.

May 02, 2021
red planet Asset

Red Planet Launch

The Red Planet offers the best auto-compounded yields on the best cryptocurrencies in DeFi.  These include both single token vaults (such as BTC, BNB & ETH) and multiple liquidity pools (such as BNB-BUSD & BTC-BNB).

May 13, 2021


Planet Finance wouldn't be complete without users being able to seamlessly swap tokens and also add liquidity pools to then stake on one of the planets. Planet Finance swap fees are shared with both liquidity providers and AQUA stakers.

Jun 11, 2021


Uranus will focus on high yielding single vaults and liquidity pools that don’t make the top quality coins on the Red Planet — many refer to these coins as ‘shit coins’ but occasionally one can find a 100x token here. We want to ensure this planet is classified differently to the Red Planet. So users understand this planet potentially comes with an increased risk.

Jul 16, 2021

Metrics (Protocol Fees)

Next on the roadmap is building out the Metrics Page. This page will show where all the protocol fees are going. There are many protocol fees taken by the platform and they either go to the reserve fund or are used to buy back and burn AQUA. 

Coming Soon

Green Planet

This planet will feature a new Utility Token called GAMMA on our lending and borrowing platform. This platform will bring in fees from the net interest margin between suppliers and borrowers. The GAMMA token will allow for decreased fees on the Green Planet and will be distributed across all planets.

Coming soon

Pink Planet

Pink Planet is a unique NFT marketplace giving artists & entrepreneurs the space to create, buy & sell digital assets. You'll be able to mint assets using AQUA and program royalties into your digital assets to earn on all transactions of them in the secondary market.

Coming soon


A bridge is next, allowing easy access for people who have tokens on other blockchains to bring to Planet Finance. This will also allow Planet Finance to integrate other blockchains to the ecosystem.

Coming soon

Purple Planet

This Planet will feature an insurance platform which at this stage will be a free market insurance platform covering users for smart contract hacks on vetted DeFi projects. 

Coming soon

2. Tokenomics


AQUA has the fairest token distribution of any project. No team tokens, no pre-sale, no favorites. Your monetary energy placed in vaults & pools on Planet Finance enables you to earn $AQUA. Early adoption has it’s clear benefits.

500 $AQUA is distributed daily, for 200 days.

This means there will be ~0.01736 $AQUA Per Block (every 3 seconds).

Token Name / Ticker


Max Supply Before Burn

100,000 $AQUA


BSC (BEP-20)

Buy & Burn

All fees taken by the platform will either be placed into the reserve fund or be used to buy $AQUA and destroy it. This will continue to make $AQUA more scarce over time.

What happens after 200 days?

3. Ecosystem

Blue Planet

red planet Asset

Red Planet

Green Planet